I'm Pretty Sick Of…

I’m pretty sick of “he shouldn’t have resisted.”
I’m pretty sick of “he had a gun.”
I’m pretty sick of waking up every day to find out more lives have been taken by people who are supposed to be there to help.

Resisting arrest shouldn’t be a capital punishment.
Having a gun shouldn’t be a capital punishment.
Complying with an officer’s request for your license and registration with your seatbelt on shouldn’t be a capital punishment.

Not even killing people because you are incompetent and fearful should be a capital punishment.

But it has to stop.
There have to be consequences.
We have to find a way to be better.

I don’t know what to do and it’s heartbreaking and maddening.

I’m pretty sick of “most cops are good people.”

Because they don’t also say “most black people are good people.”
Because those same people use questionable statistics about black crimes to paint an entire population as suspect and violent.
Because those same people question why the Islamic community doesn’t do more to stop terrorists.
Because, right now, those same people should be screaming, “Where is the outrage by the good cops? Why aren’t they doing more to police themselves?” but, instead, they’re defending the people who let their coworkers kill our friends, family, and neighbors with impunity.

I am so fucking sick of “all lives matter.”

Because we all know people who identify with the victims of the most recent murders, people who live in fear of even the slightest altercation with law enforcement, people who would rather take their chances with the criminals than call the police.
Because people who say that ignore the fact that, no, not all lives seem to matter in the eyes of the law.
Because that law, the judicial system, and the cops who uphold it all, that is supposed to represent us, all of us, and when it doesn’t seem to, we each have to choose to fight to fix it or admit that we just don’t think some lives matter enough.